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Crime Alert! Stolen Vehicles

Between 3/9/17 and 3/10/17, two vehicles were stolen from the Bonnie Ridge Apartment complex in Pikesville by an unknown suspect/suspects. An unknown suspect/suspects attempted to steal a third vehicle but was unsuccessful. The three incidents occurred in the 6600 block of Bonnie Ridge Drive during the overnight hours. Keys to the first stolen vehicle were left inside the second stolen vehicle. The whereabouts of the keys to the second stolen vehicle are unknown at this time. The vehicle that the suspect/suspects attempted to steal was left unlocked. Please remember to lock your vehicles, remove any valuables and never leave spare or valet keys inside your vehicle.

Please be vigilant of suspicious subjects or vehicles roaming through the neighborhood. If you notice any suspicious activity, safely get a good description of the subjects or vehicles (including license plates) and immediately contact 911.

We offer Free Home Security Surveys, where a uniformed officer will respond to your home and give you suggestions on ways to make your home more secure. Officers from the Pikesville Precinct are actively patrolling your neighborhood. If you have any questions or would like to have a Security Survey, please contact the Pikesville Community Outreach Team for assistance at 410-887-6775.


Community Outreach Team

Pikesville Precinct #4

215 Milford Mill Rd.

Baltimore, MD 21208


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