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Delegate Pat Young Jr. Announces Candidacy for 1st District Baltimore County Council

On Saturday, May 8th, 2021 Maryland 44B Delegate Patrick Young Jr. formally announced his candidacy for the Baltimore County Council for the 1st District. 1st District Councilman Tom Quirk had already announced that he would not be seeking re-election.

Delegate Young made the following statement on his social media account.

"Today, surrounded by family colleagues and friends, I enthusiastically announced that I will be running for Baltimore County Council to represent District 1. It has been an honor and privilege to serve district 44B in the Maryland General Assembly since 2015. I am excited for the opportunity to share my experience and passion for public service at the local level. The path ahead will not be easy, but things worth doing rarely are. I look forward to the opportunity to engage with past supporters, new constituents, and new communities.

Trust is never given, it must be earned. I will do my best to earn yours."

If elected, Baltimore County 1st District will be very familiar with Delegate Young since he represented the district in the Maryland State Legislature. Delegate Young was regularly seen in the communities meeting with constituents, dining in local restaurants, and participating in community events with family and friends. Since his election to the House of Delegates, Delegate Young quickly gained the reputation of being a straight forward, personable, and honest politician who never once shied away from the difficult or controversial issues.

For those who want to know Delegate Pat Young's background, you can check the site Friends of Pat Young ( According to the website:

Pat Young is a Marine Veteran serving his second term in the Maryland House of Delegates representing District 44B in southwest Baltimore County.
Growing up in Catonsville, service to the community has always played an important role in his family and where they were active members of the community. After graduating from Mount Saint Joseph High School and becoming an Eagle Scout in 2001, Young enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served in the infantry with the 1st Battalion 8th Marine Regiment. During that time, he served two combat tours in Iraq and a humanitarian mission in Liberia.
Returning to civilian life, Young attended Towson University using the GI Bill and advocated for the expansion of support services for returning military students and formed the Student Veterans Group. Young then spent six years as the first Director of Veterans Services at Towson University subsequently running the Department that he helped create as a student.
In this role, Young saw first hand the challenges that veterans face in the transition from active duty to civilian life. From bureaucratic hurdles for education funding to predatory lending from private institutions to addressing mental health care - he understood the challenges veterans often face an uphill battle accessing the services they need to succeed.
Recognizing these unique challenges and his commitment to community service, Young decided to run for the state legislature and was elected to the Maryland General Assembly representing district 44B in 2013.
As a member of the Appropriations Committee, Young plays an active role in addressing the state’s budgetary challenges - the yearly balance of critical infrastructure, the future of education, and public safety. As Chair of the Oversight Committee on Personnel, he advocates for the safety and wellness for public servants and ensures that our state government is working for all of its residents.
Since 2019, Young has been the Chair of the Baltimore County delegation where he brings the delegation together to pass legislation that will benefit our unique region.

Delegate Pat Young is the first candidate to publicly announce their candidacy for the position. Fellow elected officials, community leaders, and constituents took the time to congratulate him, and wish him well on the election.



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