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In today's political and social climate, interactions can be stressful for citizens, motorists, as well as police officers. Law enforcement are charged with enforcing the law, and crime prevention. Part of that job includes "routine traffic stops". According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), "The most common reason for contact with the police is being a driver in a traffic stop. BJS measures the nature and extent of traffic stops through the Police-Public Contact Survey (PPCS), which interviews U.S. residents about their contacts with police during the previous 12 months." The vast majority of traffic stops result in little more than an inconvenience to motorists or a traffic citation. The worst case scenario, it ends with someone being hurt. Please check out "What to do when stopped by the police." It will discuss what you can do to make the most out of your experience in regards to police interaction.

In March 2021, a 57 year old man was shot and killed on what was considered a routine traffic stop in the state of Kentucky. What began as a "routine" traffic stop for a motor vehicle infraction, quickly escalated into a deadly situation in a matter of minutes. Similar situations like this occur far too often all across the United States. The video, posted on Youtube shows video footage from the actual police body worn cameras. Check out the video below and then click here to discuss. Warning, the video contains real life violence that some may find offensive or unsuitable for children.



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