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When choosing a place to live, it’s a big decision. People have various reasons why they choose a particular place to live. These questions are asked. How convenient is the area to mass transportation? What is the quality of schools? How vibrant is the nearby business area? If you’re not familiar with an area, the first thing that attracts a potential homebuyer is the cleanliness of the area, and curb appeal of the homes. One of the easiest things a community can do, if it’s residents are well invested in their community, is coming together to keep it clean and boost the property values of their homes.

On Saturday, April 10th, the Greater Patapsco Community Association (GPCA) conducted their annual community clean-up. The GPCA represents one of the largest residential community areas in Baltimore County. It consists mostly of single family homes, and spacious farmland. Today it was All Hands On Deck for their annual clean-up. Driving through the area, residents can be seen spread out on both sides of the winding, hilly roadsides in their neon yellow traffic safety vests. Both young and old were picking up refuse on the roadside, thick brush and wooded areas. By the look of the full garbage bags, the groups did a good job removing trash from the normally pristine area.

Other communities conduct community clean-ups, some just complain and ask who’s job is it. Some simply accept the conditions and all that comes with it. If you want a vibrant community, residents MUST be well invested in the community, show accountability, and stop accepting less. It is up to everyone in the community to do their part.



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