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Graystone Community Association

The Graystone Community Association is a small, predominantly single family home community in the Gwynn Oak section of Baltimore County, Maryland.  Graystone encompasses the area north of Dogwood Road, East of Woodlawn Drive, South of Windsor Mill, and west of Hilcrest Road. 

The Graystone Community Association is governed by its officers and board of directors.

Graystone Community Association Officers

Mary Williams, President
Kerri Lastner, Vice President
Emma Sellers, Treasurer
Levon Moore, Secretary
Rodney Booth, Sergeant-at-Arms

For questions please email:

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We are looking for volunteers to help get the word out about upcoming events, and meetings by delivering flyers door to door within our community.

Can you commit to a block or street?  Are you a student that needs community hours for graduation?  Great!  Then join us in getting the word out about special community events, meetings, and much more.

Let's spread the word about our amazing community, and all the great things we have to offer!

We'll supply the flyers.  If interested, please reach out to us at:

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