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Good Tips


Pick up after your pet.  Rodents can become a serious problem in communities.  Always place your trash in the cans and keep cans coverd.  


Pet owners should always pick up after your pets.  Rats love animal feces.  Rats and other pests will infiltrate areas where there is food sources.


Park vehicles in the direction of traffic.  Passenger side doors of parked cars MUST be on the side of the sidewalk.


Vehicles must be operational and tags current to be parked on a public road and private property. Vehicles with flat tires may be tagged as an ABANDONED vehicle by the police department and towed.  

Tractor Trailer parking in residential area is illegal.  Fine is $252 for each section.  

Good House Keeping!

Keep grass cut and trimmed.  Please do not blow yard trimming into the road, it's illegal.  


Grass must be kept below 12 inches, however, 1-3 inches is desirable.

Keep trash lids on your trashcans. It prevents attracting pests and trash blowing into the neighborhood.


Snow and ice must be removed from sidewalks and walkways within 24 hours after the end of the snowfall.

Precinct Community Outreach

Wilkens Precinct:  410-744-1574


Woodlawn Precinct:  410-887-4714


Pikesville Precinct:  410-887-6775


Franklin Precinct:  410-887-6985


Pikesville Precinct Crime Alerts - 2/28/2017

You can also contact our local Community Outreach Team at:

  • Wilkens Precinct:  410-744-1574

  • Woodlawn Precinct:  410-887-4714

  • Pikesville Precinct:  410-887-6775

  • Franklin Precinct:  410-887-6985


Report Suspicious Activity
You are your neighbor's keeper!  Report suspicious activity to the police immediately.  It just may be the tip that prevents you or your neighbor from being a victim of a crime.  For emergency calls, contact 911.  The non-emergency number is 410-887-2222.  You can remain anonymous.



(a) Prohibited. A person may not stop, park, or leave standing a vehicle on any road or alley:

(1) In front of or within 5 feet of the edge of any private driveway or parking area without the consent of the owner or occupant of the premises; or

(2) In a manner that prevents free passage of vehicles or the movement of a lawfully parked vehicle to or from a driveway or parking area.

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