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Hernwood Heights

Community Association

A Great Community, One Neighbor at a Time

Hopefully, you'll agree that Hernwood Heights is a wonderful community. This area of Randallstown offers residents a number of amenities popular with homeowners. We have a community with a number of custom, uniquely designed homes. Access to shopping, services, and major roads and highways. Spacious lots, nearby schools, close to nature (depending on how you feel about deer, that could be a good or bad thing), caring residents, and an active community association. 


To help maintain our status as a premiere Randallstown community, we need everyone's support. Thank you to all of those attending tonight's meeting, with our new councilman Julian Jones to learn more about how you can help and get involved in making Hernwood even better. 


Use the form on the right to volunteer to help or send us your ideas, suggestions, thoughts, questions, or photos. Young, old , and everyone in between, we welcome your input.


Yours in service,


The HHCA Board

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