Our Board of Directors

The Hilltop Community Association is governed by a 7 member board.


President - Jennifer Cupp

1st Vice President - Cascelia Spears

2nd Vice President - Jennifer Inzar

Treasurer - Darlene Morrison

Corresponding Secretary - Carolyn Parker

Financial Secretary - Sylvia Rosebrough

Recording Secretary - VACANT

COP Coordinator - Bill Blizzard

PCRC - Lula Sessoms, Bill Blizzard

Street Representatives 

Jennifer Inzar - Brookmont

Billy Hice - Essex

Janice Jackson - Lower Lukewood

Harrietta Wallace - Lower Lukewood

Pam Johnson - Upper Lukewood

Brenda Brown - Meadowview

Julie Moutrie - Meadowview

Deatra Jones - Lower Ransome

Roslyn Powell -Lower Ransome

Harold Hopewell - Upper Ransome

Bill Blizzard - Valley Creek

Theresa Ball - Wilmont

Hillside Community Upcoming Events

When We Meet?

The Hilltop Community Association meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm via Zoom.  


Mailing Address?

Hilltop Community Association

P.O. Box 11943

Baltimore, MD 21207

Meetings are held virtually via Zoom:

Click here to email the Hilltop Community.

Hilltop Community Association

Who Is the Hilltop Community Association?

A Baltimore County community in the Woodlawn community.