Lawnwood Community Association

Linda Logan, President (Interim)

Goldia Henderson, VicePresident (Interim)

Sheila Stevenson, Secretary (Interim)
Mary Henderson, Treasurer (Interim)



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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Wednesday, July 20, 2022



The Lawnwood Community Association is comprised of 170 homes in the Woodlawn area.  We formed in November 2016 and have become a closer community where neighbors wave as they pass by and join together when needs arise to plan for summer events, or to respond to problems reported by residents to our office.

Anyone wishing to join our efforts can email us at for updates and meetings schedule. 

We have a way to go but we continue to encourage membership.  We meet to at the Woodlawn Precinct, usually on second Tuesday every other month.  Emails go out to alert membership about meetings.


Speaking of the Woodlawn Precinct, we have been blessed to have a close relationship with our community relations officers.  Our appointed officer is quick to respond to our needs when problems do occur.  It is because of the Woodlawn Precinct 2 that we actually have a place to meet and to share our concerns as well as being kept abreast of concerns affecting our community.  


There is power in numbers!!  Those wishing to join our efforts can e-mail us at with their contact information and phone number.  Someone will respond within 48 hours regarding becoming a paid member and obtaining your membership card.