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Putnam Green Homeowners Association

About Us:
Located in Windsor Mill, Maryland, The Putnam Green Community was established in 1997.  It is governed by The Putnam Green Townhome Condominium Declaration and By-Laws.  It is also comprised of a three (3) member Board of Directors.

Board of Directors Mission Statement:
To serve the Putnam Green Community with integrity and pride.  To be persistent in pursuing the standards as set forth in the By-Laws.  To work with the community to improve our quality of life. This is our community, we ALL NEED TO BE INVOLVED.  

The Board of Directors always welcomes and encourages residents to serve.  If you are willing to serve on the Board of Directors, please contact Wanda Yates or Amy Scott via the community e-mail.

Governing Documents

Past Meeting Minutes:
2015 January
2015 December
2016 April

Community Photos
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General Meeting


7:00 PM

Woodlawn Precinct Conference Room

6424 Windsor Mill Road, Baltimore, MD 21207

General Meeting


7:00 PM

Woodlawn Precinct Conference Room

6424 Windsor Mill Road, Baltimore, MD 21207

General Meeting


7:00 PM

2018 Budget Approval Meeting and General Meeting.

Woodlawn Precinct Conference Room

6424 Windsor Mill Road, Baltimore, MD 21207

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*** Exterior Alteration Form ***

Door/Shutter Colors


Catterick & Repton Court

Sherwin Williams "Denim" #SW 6523

Sarum Court

Home Depot's Behr Premium Plus "Dark Ash" #770f-5

Wednesday is recycling collection day.  Since the recycling truck comes early on Wednesday morning (around 6:00a.m.), please place all items to be recycled in an appropriate container on Tuesday evening.  Please do not use plastic bags of any type to set out recyclables for collection.  The bags jam the machinery at the single stream sorting facility.  Many local grocery stores will accept clean, dry plastic bags for recycling.  Please help the environment by using reusable bags when shopping.  For more information on Baltimore County’s recycling program, please google Baltimore County Recycling.  

Thank you for abiding by our Community By-Laws.  Let’s keep our community clean!!


Please contact our property manager, Residential Realty Group, for all financial matters:


Don Gentry – Property Manager



Aubrey Bobak – Property Manager Assistant



Tuesday is the community’s day for trash pick-up.  All trash should be kept in a large trash receptacle with a lid and put out on Monday evenings or Tuesday mornings.  Please refrain from placing trash bags that are often torn and ripped by birds and small animals.  All trash receptacles should be removed from the common area by the end of the day on trash pickup (Tuesday) and should be kept in the rear of the home.Baltimore County has a 40lb. weight limit for trash cans and it is strongly encouraged that as your old cans are replaced that you purchase multiple 30lb. trash cans.  If possible, we ask that you line your trash cans and tie the bags tightly as they fill up.  The trash collectors cannot reach their hands in the bag to collect small items/bags.Baltimore County does not provide bulk item collection service (i.e. mattresses, furniture, carpet, appliances).  If you would like to dispose of bulk items, you may contact a Private bulk item collector (can be found in the Greater Baltimore Yellow Pages under the "Rubbish & Garbage Removal" section. Since there are several different versions of phone directories you may also want to search "Bulk Hauling," "Garbage Collection," "Trash," etc.) or you may take it to a Baltimore County Drop-off Facility, at no charge.  


The closest drop-off center to us is the Western Acceptance Facility – 3310 Transway Road – Halethorpe, MD 21227 (410) 887-2000 [Go to the end of Transway Road off the 4500 Block Hollins Ferry Road – Beltway Exit 9]  The hours are Monday – Saturday  7am – 4pm.


At NO TIME should bulk items be left at the curbside or on the common areas.


Please be considerate of your neighbors.  If you have more than two vehicles (or more than one in the case where parking in front of your home is limited), please refrain from parking all your vehicles at or near your home and use the overflow parking spaces instead.  Please also encourage your guests to use the overflow parking spaces.  





All pets must be walked on a leash.  All residents must pick up after their pets.

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