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44B House of Delegates Candidates Speak on Key Issues

May 20, 2022

On Thursday, May 19, 2022, the Association of Gwynn Oak Communities hosted a Candidate's Forum for the District 44B House of Delegates candidates. The Association of Gwynn Oak Communities represent the Baltimore County communities in the 21207 zip code.

Three of the six candidates participated to answer 8 key questions regarding qualifications, their platform, economic development, environment, education, crime, Roe v. Wade, and why voters should choose them as their candidate of choice. Each candidate had 3 minutes to respond to the questions. At the conclusion of the Q & A session, the candidates were able to answer questions from the attendees.

The six candidates who have filed for candidacy for the three District 44 House of Delegate positions are: Delegate Sheila Ruth, Bishop Barry Chapman, Aletheia McCaskill, Aisha Khan, Shazia Shah, and Patrick Cusack. Current 44B Delegate Pat Young has filed to run for the open Baltimore County Council District 1 seat. Delegate Ruth, Bishop Barry Chapman, and Aletheia McCaskill were on hand to answer questions. Candidates Aisha Khan, Shazia Shah, and Patrick Cusack were unable to attend the event due to scheduling conflicts.

The key questions presented were:

1. QUALIFICATIONS – Describe why you think you are qualified for the job.

2. PLATFORM – What are your top 3 priorities if you were elected as Delegate for the district, and why?

3. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT – Where do you see a need for economic development in the district, and what is your plan to bring economic development to the district?

4. ENVIRONMENT – Environment issues effect everyone. What environmental issues have you identified, and how to you plan on addressing those issues?

5. EDUCATION – School Safety, overcrowding, and underperforming schools are a concern for parents. What do you believe is the solution, and how do you plan on addressing these concerns?

6. CRIME – What have you done, or what is your plan to help address crime in the community, including nuisance crimes & complaints?

7. ROE v Wade – With the expectation that Roe v. Wade will be overturned by the SCOTUS, the issue of abortion will be left to the states. Do you support the legalization of abortion in MD, why or why not?

8. CLOSING - Why should we vote for you?

This meeting was recorded and posted on the joint community website at Please subscribe to stay connected.



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