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Association of Gwynn Oak Communities

A little over a year ago, the Association of Gwynn Oak Communities group was formed to promote the interests of the Baltimore County communities within the 21207 zip code.

As we close the January 2021 meetings, we emphasized ACCOUNTABILITY, COMMUNICATION, and PARTNERSHIP. We also reiterated what our purpose and goals were when forming the group. The purpose of the group is to collaboratively plan, and implement strategies to improve our communities. This is achieved by being accountable in our own communities, while also holding our stakeholders accountable. The stakeholders are residents, businesses, religious institution, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and our elected officials.


Accountability for residents involve acknowledging that the vast majority of concerns, wants, and needs can be addressed by the individuals, and the collective communities. It involves taking responsibility for our communities, and actively participating in efforts to better the community. It is our responsibility to hold our government agencies accountable by identifying their respective responsibilities in the community, and ensuring that those responsibilities are carried out responsibly, and efficiently. It is our responsibility to ensure that businesses in the community respect the needs of the community, and take responsibility for its effects on the community. We should also patronize, and promote our community businesses if we want thriving businesses to remain in the community. We must also hold our elected officials accountable. That includes getting to know who they are, getting involved, letting our voices be heard, and actively support them in their efforts. When making demands of our elected officials, make reasonable well thought out demands, and give them an opportunity to respond and take action. Understand that there are limits to what they can do.


Communication is essential to any coordinated efforts. Communication occurs in several ways. First by regularly attending your community meetings. Important information is disseminated, and ideas are shared at the meetings. Attend your local Police-Community Relations Council meetings. The Association of Gwynn Oak Communities group host meetings twice monthly. One meeting is for community representatives only, and the other is for all community stakeholders. Currently, meetings are conducted virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions. List of meetings can be found on the website by selecting the EVENTS tab on the menu. Utilize technology such as email, and social media sites such as NEXTDOOR, and Facebook. There is a Facebook group labeled Association of Gwynn Oak Communities. In this Facebook group, stakeholders who are Facebook users can share information, discuss important topics, or be notified of important events. Also, subscribe to the website to be notified of important events, or updates. Stakeholders should also explore the site for useful tools, and information. Information may also be found for individual communities on the communities tab on the menu.


Throughout the year, the Association of Gwynn Oak Communities group will make efforts to re-affirm partnerships with community groups, form new partnerships with businesses, government agencies, religious institutions, and other nonprofits that service the Gwynn Oak communities. Establishing these partnerships often help swiftly resolve community issues or concerns.


In 2021, efforts will be made to identify communities that are not represented by a community organization, or community organizations that are faltering due to low, or no participation. Our team will help organize communities that are not represented by a community group, and help strengthen those who are faltering. Plans are being made to organize the Streamwood community and restart The Meadows Community Association.

If you would like to represent your community, contact your community association, or use the website contact form to submit your request. Meetings are posted on the website under the EVENTS tab on the menu bar.


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