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Wake Up! Forum on the Environment and Community

On Thursday, June 17, 2021 at 7pm, the Association of Gwynn Oak Communities is hosting a virtual forum on the environment and it's effects on the community. A slate of distinguished panelists will discuss the current state of the environment, how it impacts the community, future plans or strategies, and what we can do to help. Guests must RSVP by going to the events page at or by clicking the link below:

The panelists include lawmakers from the Maryland General Assembly, including Senator Charles E. Sydnor III, Delegate Sheila Ruth, and Delegate Patrick Young Jr..

Other panelists include Haley Amini, Natural Resource Specialist, from the Baltimore County Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability, Jennifer Kunze, Maryland Program Manager, from Clean Water Action, and Bobby Braun, Home Solar Energy Specialist. Join our audience of environmental activist, community activists and leaders on this extremely important topic. If you don't know how it affects you and your loved ones, get in on this forum. We all can make a difference if we understand the issue, know what's being done, and how to support the efforts.

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