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Baltimore County 2030 Master Plan Survey

The World Bank defines (Master Planning) a master plan as a dynamic long-term planning document that provides a conceptual layout to guide future growth and development. Master planning is about making the connection between buildings, social settings, and their surrounding environments. A master plan includes analysis, recommendations, and proposals for a site’s population, economy, housing, transportation, community facilities, and land use. It is based on public input, surveys, planning initiatives, existing development, physical characteristics, and social and economic conditions. Master planning can assume some or all of these roles:

  • Develop a phasing and implementation schedule and identify priorities for action

  • Act as a framework for regeneration and attract private sector investment.

  • Conceptualize and shape the three-dimensional urban environment.

  • Define public, semiprivate, and private spaces and public amenities.

  • Determine the mix of uses and their physical relationship.

  • Engage the local community and act as builder of consensus.

Please take just a few minutes of your time to share your thoughts in the four-question survey below. In the final question please convey the following: "Please add the Randallstown/Liberty Road Corridor and Woodlawn/Security areas in the Master Plan 2030. " This is crucial to ensure that our community (westside of Baltimore County) boasts a strong, resilient, and diversified economy, whose vibrancy improves the health and well being of all residents.

Click the link above to go straight to the survey.

At the heart of the Baltimore County Master Plan 2030 is the ideal that local government should invest more —and more thoughtfully — in its people and infrastructure. Your input will guide the vision and strategies for the County over the next 10 years as we build a sustainable future.



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