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Be A Good Neighbor: Parking

Your home is your castle. It is supposed to be your own sanctuary, and safe place. For most people, it may be the place you spend most of your life, whether it‘s eating, sleeping, or entertaining. It’s also important to have a place where you can relax or de-stress. Most of us have neighbors, and for the most part, we all want the same thing. Here is how you can do your part in being a good neighbor.

Parking has been an issue in most communities. Oftentimes, it is because residents do not know the law or they are simply not thinking about how it affects neighbors or the community. Here are some tips:

Leave your neighbor a space or two in front of their home.

Although you may park anywhere on a public street, residents prefer to park in front of their own home for a number of reasons. Also ask your visitors to park in your driveway, in front of your home, or other space not in front of a residence if possible.

Do not park within 5 feet of each side of another resident's driveway.

Baltimore County Law § 18-2-202. - OBSTRUCTION OF STREETS AND ALLEYS. (a) Prohibited. A person may not stop, park, or leave standing a vehicle on any road or alley:

(1) In front of or within 5 feet of the edge of any private driveway or parking area without the consent of the owner or occupant of the premises; or

(2) In a manner that prevents free passage of vehicles or the movement of a lawfully parked vehicle to or from a driveway or parking area.

Don't double park your vehicle.

Double parking your vehicle prevents the free passage of vehicles, and may present a traffic safety hazard. Baltimore County law § 18-2-201. - MANNER OF PARKING VEHICLE GENERALLY.

(a) Exception. The section does not apply to parking of a vehicle in a space where the county has by regulation determined that a vehicle may be parked at an angle with the curb or side of the street or road.

(b)Parallel parking required. A driver standing or parking a vehicle on the streets, roads, avenues, or lanes of the county for a longer period than is sufficient to take on or discharge passengers, baggage, merchandise, or freight shall park the vehicle so that both the front and rear bumpers next to the curb or side of the road or avenue are:

(1)Not more than 12 inches from the curb or side of the road; and (2)Not less than 30 inches distant from the front or rear of any vehicle.

Do not park your vehicle in an alleyway.

Parking your vehicle in an alley sometimes prevents the free flow of traffic, and oftentimes prevents garbage collection from Baltimore County Collection Division. Baltimore County law states that a person may not park, stop, or leave unattended a vehicle in any alley leaving less than 12 feet of clearance parallel to the vehicle. Your vehicle may be issued a parking citation and also towed at your expense.

Do not park unregistered or improperly tagged vehicles on the street or on private property.

Parking unregistered, inoperable, or undrivable vehicles can be an eyesore in the community. It also takes up needed parking spaces. Baltimore County law § 18-2-203 states:

(a) Prohibited. A person may not park an unregistered vehicle or a vehicle with an expired registration on a public road, highway, street, avenue, or alley or on private property used by the public in general.

(b) Authority to remove. The Chief of Police may:

(1) Take possession of and remove a vehicle parked in violation of this section by means of county equipment or by contract; and (2) Cause a vehicle that is removed to be stored either on county property or on private property by contract.

Please share with your neighbors, friends, family, and community residents. If you have any questions in regards to parking, please contact your local police department.



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