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Community Engagement Walk with the Parkview Trails Community

On Monday, April 19th the officers of Baltimore County Police's Woodlawn Precinct participated in a community walk with the residents of the Parkview Trails community. The community walk is part of the Precinct's community engagement initiative where police can go to the community, have positive interactions, and get to know members of the community. Participants are able to chat with the officers, including the precinct commander, about the community, concerns, or just ask general questions.

The walk took approximately an hour and a half to two hours, which included a chat and casual conversations at the conclusion of the walk. The event, which drew approximately 30 people, included District 44 State Senator, Charles Sydnor III, Mrs. Margaret Stokes, legislative aide to Baltimore County 1st District Councilman Tom Quirk, and Mrs. Shirley Supik, director of the Liberty Road Community Council (LRCC). The event was coordinated by Officer Alisha Helphenstine, the area's police community liaison, and Ms. Miko Baldwin, president of the Parkview Trails Homeowners Association. Captain Orlando Lilly, the Woodlawn Precinct Commander, participated in the walk, discussed concerns with community members, and gave an encouraging speech about the importance of having a community relationship between the police department and members of the community in which they serve. Officers of the Woodlawn Community Outreach Team in attendance to walk and answer questions were Officers Bryen Glass, Barbara Sholter, Kristie Makowiecki, all of the Woodlawn Community Outreach Team. Lieutenant Jonathan Dacheux, Sergeant Paulo Farfoglia, and Officer McQuaid from the patrol shift participated as well.

This is the second community walk organized and hosted by the Woodlawn Community Outreach Team, which is done in conjunction with Crime Victim's Rights Week and Yards For Yeardly Fundraiser by the One Love Foundation. Keep a look out for the next community walk in your neighborhood. There's more to come.



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