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On Wednesday, April 7, 2021 the Woodlawn Community Outreach Team commenced what they say will be a series of Community Walks in various communities. The purpose of the community walks is to get out, see the neighborhoods, make their presence known, and to meet community residents. During these community walks, residents may chat with the police officers, including the precinct commander, ask questions, and give feedback on how the Baltimore County Police Department in the Woodlawn Precinct is serving their communities. The Community Walks are part of a broader initiative promoted by the commander of the Woodlawn Precinct, Captain Orlando Lilly.

Any community resident or stakeholder wishing to join the Woodlawn Community Outreach Team in their Community Walks, contact 410-887-4714 or check the events tab at

The Woodlawn Precinct also is participating in the Yards For Yeardly, a fundraising drive to raise funds for the One Love Foundation. Anyone wishing to sponsor the Woodlawn Precinct United Team, CLICK HERE.


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