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Over the past year or so, residents in the Catonsville, Woodlawn, and Randallstown area have been plagued by nuisance motorists. Residents have complained about the excessive speeding, street racing, and loud engines zooming through or near the community all hours of the night. Police were receiving complaints on a regular basis but found difficulty in addressing these complaints due to the high volume of offenders, varying locations, and lack of appropriate resources.

On March 26th - 28th, in order to combat these complaints, the Baltimore County Police teamed up with the Maryland State Police for joint operations to target these reckless drivers. Law enforcement officers focused on I-70, and feeder routes to and from the Park and Ride. This high visibility enforcement effort was aimed at reducing the number of aggressive driving, and motor vehicle crashes in which speed, alcohol, or other driving violations is a factor.

During the four day high visibility traffic enforcement initiative, State Troopers from the Golden Ring Barrack, and the Baltimore County Police Department conducted a four-day high visibility traffic enforcement initiative. Focusing on speeding, and aggressive driving, law enforcement conducted 170 traffic stops resulting in 248 citations, 78 warnings, 22 Safety Equipment Repair Orders, 9 DUI arrests. Of the 248 citations, 82 citations were for speed with the highest recorded speed of 106 mph. There was also one collision investigation related to speed contest (racing) resulting in property damage only.

Citizens should continue to report any violations they observe. This is a situation that will not go away in just one weekend operation, but will require consistent action. All citizens must remain vigilant. Call 9-1-1 or 410-887-2222 to report violations.

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