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New Curry & Spice Bar in Owings Mills

December 2021

One of the things that identifies a thriving community, is a thriving business community. In our travels, we discovered a new restaurant in the Metro Centre at Owings Mills. Not being too familiar with Indian cuisine, we decided to give it a try just to try something new and support a new business. The Curry & Spice Bar, located at 10309 Grand Central Ave Ste 114 in Owings Mills, Maryland, has been there for less than one year, and located in a spot that seems to not be able to maintain a business for very long. For those of us who are not as familiar with Indian cuisine, just take a look at what is says from the Master Class.

Traditional Indian food is built from the same flavor foundations. However, dishes vary widely between North Indian and South Indian cuisine.

As we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by a friendly host who directed us to our seating area. Patrons will quickly notice the modern Indian decor full of lights, artwork, and energy. The restaurant provides four or more televisions for patrons to watch Indian movies, along with head bobbing Indian music. As the name says, you can smell the curry and other spices in the air. The menu was pretty extensive and a bit overwhelming if you're not familiar with Indian cuisine. The waiter was very knowledgeable about the many items on the menu, was more than willing to describe the types of food, and also the customer favorites.

We settled on the Tandoori Chicken Pieces which is a whole, full roasted chicken marinated in yogurt and generously spiced, cut into pieces, over a bed of savory onions and peppers with a side of rice. The second entree that we tried was the Shrimp Biryani. The Shrimp Biryani is Basmati rice cooked with shrimp, onion and tomato with delicate spices. Both dishes come in mild, medium, and extra spicy.

The Tandoori chicken arrived sizzling with spicy flavor. You could taste every exotic spice before you stuck your fork in. It was perfectly charbroiled & roasted, tender, and slightly crisp. The mix of roasted onions and peppers certainly added to the palatable look of the meal.

The Shrimp Biryani is my new favorite Indian dish. Some of the flavors in the Bismati rice were indescribable, but pleasing to the senses. It was a spicy mix of curry, ginger, cilantro, and some other spices that I did not recognize, with large shrimp or prawns mixed in. Whatever it was, it was absolutely delicious.

Needless to say, we left the restaurant with a full belly, fully satisfied, and with plenty of leftovers for later. It was definitely a good decision to check out the "new spot", and support our local businesses. If you find time, and want a good meal, with a good atmosphere, check this place out. As always share with family, friends, neighbors and associates.

Check out the Curry and Spice Bar online at or contact them at:

Curry and Spice Bar

Phone: 410-504-5070



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