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New Pet Grooming Business Opens in Woodlawn

September 7, 2022

A new business has joined the Woodlawn Business Community. Welcome The Puppy Palace Dog Wash located at 1724 Woodlawn Dr. Suite #14 Baltimore, MD 21207. They offer a multitude of convenient services for your furry family member. The Puppy Palace Dog Wash offers their customers both self service and drop-in services. Check out the below convenient services and affordable prices. The business is open all week from 9am-6pm with appointments only on Mondays and Sundays.

Self Service Baths

Wash without the Mess!

You can wash your pup yourself; we will provide all the tools needed.

Full Service Wash

Kick back and relax!

Leave your pup with us and we'll clean them up for you!

Professional Grooming

Top Notch Grooming

Enjoy great grooming at great prices.

Drop-In Services:


$17.00 Squirmy pup? They can clip those long nails for you!

Teeth Brushing

$15.00 Let us unleash those pearly whites with a good brushing!

Ear Cleaning

$10.00 The handle inner and outer ear cleaning for you!

For more information, call (443) 348-3964 or email: or check out their website at Home | Puppy Palace Dog Wash.

Stop in an check them out and welcome them to the neighborhood. Please share with family, friends, neighbors, and don't forget to subscribe to



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