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Podcast: Let's Talk About Animal Cruelty

April 2022

According to an article written by Grace Hussain of, "Animal cruelty can often be difficult to recognize but it has proven to be a pervasive problem. No species or community is exempt from the experience of animal abuse and neglect. Understanding what animal cruelty does and does not entail is one of the first steps to helping prevent it from continuing to happen. Animals don’t deserve to suffer whether for food, cosmetics, entertainment, or the pet industry."

Take a listen to our first full podcast on 4410online. Officer Glass of the Baltimore County Police Department speaks with Evelyn Jackson, a community resident, on animal cruelty. Check out the podcast link below or select Podcast | 4410online from the menu. Let us know your thoughts, and please share with neighbors, friends, family, associates, and co-workers. Knowledge is Power.



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