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Senator Charles Sydnor's May 2021 District Dispatch

As I was going into the Maryland General Assembly’s (“MGA”) 441st Legislative Session, it was clear that the stakes had rarely been higher to respond to the compounding crises facing our State. However, I was buoyed by the fact that I knew I had your support as I acted to address the COVID-19 crisis, policing reform and so many other issues here in Maryland.

I am extraordinarily proud of what the MGA achieved in our 90-day legislative session. We provided immediate financial support to our most vulnerable residents, improved Maryland’s vaccine rollout, passed a generational police reform package, provided funding to reverse COVID-19 learning loss, and passed a budget that will create good jobs and get Marylanders back to work.

To learn more about my work and that of the Maryland General Assembly, you may read my 2021 End of Session letter.

District 44 Featured Interview of the Month

This month our office had the pleasure of interviewing the new commander of the Woodlawn Police Precinct 2, Captain Orlando Lilly. Captain Lilly has been working with the Baltimore County Police Department for 26 years and before rejoining the Woodlawn Precinct, was most recently commander of Precinct 12 in Dundalk, Maryland.

Captain Lilly shared with us that a near death experience, coupled with the compassion from a concerned police officer, inspired him at ten years old to become a police officer. He says that his wife is his biggest inspiration to succeed. The Lillys are parents to a daughter, a recent college graduate, and a nine-year-old son.

Captain Lilly credits the mentorship of the late Colonel Kim Ward, to take the required tests in order to further his career. He started his career as a police officer at the Woodlawn Precinct in 1994, returned as a Sergeant, and now as Precinct Commander.

Captain Lilly has high hopes that his crime plan for the precinct will reduce crime and strengthen the relationship between officers and the community they serve. He sees both community and officer input as the most important factors in achieving the plan’s goals. Commander Lilly exclaims that he has had over one hundred forty meetings with various members and groups of the community including business leaders, school board members, group homes, and religious leaders. He maintains that his goal of cooperation, collaboration, and relationship building will assist in bridging the gap between the community and officers.

Commander Lilly advises that so far, community members have shown support for the crime plan by providing feedback such as their ideas, questions, and concerns about it. Although optimistic, he notes that only time will tell the true feelings and opinions of the community. Captain Lilly has developed a formula to illustrate what it would take to get to a beneficial outcome for both the community and the police department, as well as to get to a place of mutual understanding: Police plus Community multiplied by Engagement and Enforcement equals Good Behavior and Good Communities. He advises that with this formula, the precinct has a good chance to re-establish trust between communities and officers, in the hope that the overall results will be to reduce crime in the neighborhoods served.

To learn about Woodlawn precinct’s updated crime plan and more about Captain Lilly, or the precinct click here.

District 44's Baltimore County Post Legislative Session Townhall

You may register in advance for the May 5, 2021 District 44 (Baltimore County) Zoom Townhall here. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

District 44's Baltimore City Post Session Wrap Up

You may register in advance for the May 19, 2021 District 44 (Baltimore City) Post Session Zoom Wrap Up here. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

The I-695/I-70 Interchange Project Needs You

Built more than 50 years ago in the 1960s, the I-695 / I-70 Interchange handles more traffic than it was designed to carry, resulting in congestion and delays. The I-695 / I-70 Interchange Project is being developed to reduce congestion, maximize interchange connections, increase capacity, and improve operational issues at the interchange. The I-695 / I-70 Interchange Project is intended to bring congestion relief to the Baltimore area.

Be on the lookout for your postcard about this Project. If you would like to provide feedback with the Project Team or ask questions, please contact MDOT by phone at call tool-free at 888-341-7320 or by email at You may also join the “Triple Bridges” Project Mailing list to receive additional information.

You may visit the I-695 / I-70 Interchange Project’s website for more information about meetings that have occurred as well as information about meetings forthcoming below:

Senatorial Scholarship Deadline Extended

Scholarship Application may be obtained here and should be postmarked by May 12, 2021

Looking for something for your child this summer?

Camp Baltimore and Bmore Summer Fun return this summer at sites across Baltimore. For eight weeks, children ages 5 to 12 will enjoy swimming, games, nature exploration, STEM activations, pick-up sports, crafts and more at our recreation centers, parks and facilities. Children can get excited for a summer packed with fun. Visit the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks website to explore all camp locations and registration details.

Charles Sydnor

Citizens for Charles Sydnor · PO Box 47397, Windsor Mill, MD 21244, United States. You can also keep up with Charles Sydnor on Twitter or Facebook.



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