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Southwest Area Education Advisory Council Meeting

December 7, 2021

Southwest Area and Northwest Area Education Advisory Council Meeting

Please join the Southwest Area and Northwest Area Education Advisory Council meeting is set for December 13, 2021 from 7pm - 8pm EST. The topic is "Educational Facilities Master Plan & Updates". This is a virtual meeting on Zoom and all are welcomed. Click the below link to join or click here.

Meeting ID: 875 6431 0128

Passcode: 453903

Meeting Time: 7 – 8 p.m.

Parents, students, guardians, staff, and stakeholders are all welcome to hear Mr. Pete Dixit, Executive Director, BCPS Facilities Management and Strategic Planning, provide information on the existing structures, data specific to the West Zone area, recommendations, and advocacy needs. The remaining time will be spent documenting all observations, comments, and opinions from Southwest and Northwest Area community members.

Don’t miss the opportunity; let your voice be heard. If you are unable to attend, you may send your questions or comments to email:



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