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Summer Baking Camp is Now Open for Enrollment

June 23, 2022

There will be 3 Full week sessions. Each session will be different offering new techniques, new recipes and more.

Each Baker will receive a full bakers tool box with over 300 items to use for class and to keep and use for home. They will also receive an Apron and recipe book to save their recipes and notes. The instructors for this academy are trained certified pastry chefs , executive chefs and more. We only offer our students the best. They will learn different desserts and pastries from all over the world. Learn to bake different cakes as well as how to tort, ice, trending buttercream techniques, and how to stack and cover a cake with fondant. They will learn to do custom cookies as well. Yes that sounds like a lot but we have three weeks to learn a snippet of each task giving these Lil bakers a summer of fun and opportunity for sweet success.

We will also have field trip Fridays where we will take the Lil bakers to Stratosphere Social Session 1, Six Flags Session 2, and Hershey Park Chocolate Town Session 3. Parents and chaperones are allowed to attend as well. So if you feel like this is something your Lil baker would love to attend sign up quickly as our spots never stay open long. We also offer a sibling discount for tuition , Save $50off .



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