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The Correlation Between Homelessness and Addiction. A Resource Guide.

Story by Bryen Glass

Homelessness can have a variety of causes, which often intersect and compound each other. Some common causes of homelessness include mental illness and substance abuse which can prevent people from maintaining stable housing and can contribute to a cycle of homelessness., is a free web resource that provides information about addiction, eating disorders, and mental health issues.

Palmer Lake Recovery has published a guide detailing the correlation between homelessness and addiction to help spread awareness. Please take a look at:

This resource can be found on the resources tab at

For more information about this resource, please contact:

Nomhle Mcunu |Outreach Specialist

443 S. Hwy 105 ,Palmer Lake, CO 80133

Please share with family, friends, and neighbors. Don't forget to subscribe to for more news, information and resources.



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