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Transformational Gardening Webinar

January 11, 2023

Are pests invading your garden and you need an eco-friendly way to deal with them? Join our next webinar:

🌿 Transformational Gardening: Environmental Pest Management 🪲 Wednesday, January 18th, 3PM EST/12PM PST Learn about managing pests in the garden in eco-friendly, ecosystem-based ways. Rafaela Crevoshay - an expert in compost, regenerative agriculture, and sustainable soil management - is back to tell us all about it, as we continue learning strategies for the Transformational Garden. Join us Wednesday, January 18, 3pm EST/12pm PST for Environmental Pest Management Can’t make it live? We’ll send everyone who registers a recording of the webinar. Register We look forward to learning with you!

For more information contact:

Emma Kriss, Food Campaigns Manager, Green America Follow at: Green America, 1612 K St NW Ste 1000

Washington DC 20006, (800) 58 GREEN



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