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Be On the Look Out for Our Community Podcast

December 3, 2021

Beginning December 2021, the staff will be publishing a regular podcast focused on the community. Podcast topics will cover current events, what's going on in the community, crime prevention and safety, along with interviews with community leaders & stakeholders. Community stakeholders may include businesses, community residents, elected officials, and government entities such as the police department, fire department, and code enforcement.

If you see us in public, feel free to ask us a question, or join us on the podcast. We will be out in the community getting the direct scoop.

If you would like to be a guest on our podcast, and you have something to promote, comment on, a suggestion for a hot topic, or would like to hear from someone specific, please let us know by emailing

Check out or CLICK HERE to listen to current and past episodes. Please subscribe and share with family, friends, neighbors, associates, and co-workers.



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