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Crime Victims Rights Week at Woodlawn Precinct

Officers of the Woodlawn Precinct and members of the New Vision for Life Church
Woodlawn Precinct and New Vision for Life Church

Crime Victims' Rights Week is an annual event in the United States dedicated to raising awareness about the rights of crime victims and the services available to support them. It is typically observed in April and is recognized by various organizations, including victim advocacy groups, law enforcement agencies, and government entities.

On Saturday, April 27, 2024, the Woodlawn Precinct Community Outreach Team of the Baltimore County Police and members of the New Vision for Life Church, who offered prayers for the victims of crime, commemorated the annual event by putting in work in the Police Memorial Garden at the Woodlawn Precinct. Each year the Community Outreach Team hosts or participates in community events to support efforts to raise awareness, disseminate crime prevention information to the community.

During Crime Victims' Rights Week, events are held to educate the public about the rights of victims of crime, highlight available resources and support services, and honor the resilience of crime victims and their families. The week often includes activities such as memorial services, awareness campaigns, educational seminars, and outreach efforts to ensure that victims are aware of their rights and the assistance available to them.

"It's important to recognize that there are long lasting effects from crimes of violence that reaches well past arrest and prosecution. It's important to recognize those long-lasting effects and continue to support the survivors of crime" said Officer Kristie Makowiecki.

The overarching goal of Crime Victims' Rights Week is to promote justice and healing for victims of crime by ensuring that they are treated with dignity, respect, and fairness within the criminal justice system. It also serves to raise awareness about the impact of crime on individuals and communities and to encourage greater support and understanding for those who have been affected by crime. If you want more information on crime victim services, contact 410-887-4714 or your local police precinct.

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