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Opinions Needed: Randallstown CDO Survey

Story by Bryen Glass

9400 Block of Liberty Road in Randallstown, MD

The Community Development Organization for Greater Randallstown need your help in selecting community priorities for the organization. A community flyer was disseminated informing the public that the Nelson Ideation Group (TNIG) has convened a work group of stakeholders representing key institutions, businesses, community, nonprofits, and government in central Randallstown and south along Liberty Road to the City line. The group has discussed target area, gathered data, developed a Needs Assessment Survey, and drafted purpose, vision, mission, and values statements for the new non-profit.

According to the CDO flyer:

The goal is to build upon the strengths in the targeted areas of Greater Randallstown to engage a wide range of stakeholders and pursue a defined action plan to achieve measurable, visible improvements that advance the equity and quality of life."

This is a great opportunity for residents, business owners, and other stakeholders to let their opinions be known and have some input on the future changes in the Greater Randallstown area. Please click the button below and complete the 5-10 minute survey. The survey closes on April 19th so don't delay.

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