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Seventh Annual Walk a Mile in Their Shoes Kicks Off in April

As we prepare for the seventh annual Walk a Mile in Their Shoes, I want to take a moment to say thank you for your past support of our program and let you know about a new, fun way to log your miles to show your support of the GBMC Sexual Assault Forensic Examination and Domestic Violence Program (SAFE & DV). First, thank you to the many dedicated walkers and donors who support our program. Each year, we care for hundreds of victims of child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence. It is not easy work. However, the SAFE & DV team does it day in and day out. We start by believing what victims tell us and making sure they know they are never alone. We are here to help.

This year, we are again asking our community to support a mileage goal as well as a fundraising goal. Our goal is to collectively walk at least 10,000 miles and to raise over $100,000 in support of our patients. That's double the miles we did last year. With your support, I know we can do it. Log your miles and join our movement to stop child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence by following the directions on our website or through social media.

  1. Log your miles each day at Look for the "Log Your Miles" button.

  2. Prefer to participate on social? Send the keyword "WAM" to GBMC via Facebook Messenger or follow @gbmchealthcare on Instagram and send us private Instagram message with the keyword "WAM"

  3. Sign up to join us in-person on Saturday, April 23, at 9 a.m.

Once you send "WAM" to any of the platforms above, you will receive a message back with a way for you to log your miles each day. As you log your miles, you will also get messages about what the SAFE nurses do each day and ways to spread the word about this important program. Please pick one platform to log your miles in (, Facebook messenger, or Instagram). We'll add up the totals across each platform and put them towards the big goal of 10,000 miles!

Let's do this, together.

Laura Clary, MSN, RN, FNA-A/P, SANE-A

Clinical Program Manager, SAFE & DV Program



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